Substrate savings

No other mechanical form of energy is as efficient in working on the cell structure of the biomass.

Regardless of whether more biogas is to be generated or whether feed substrate is to be saved while performance remains constant – with the turnkey and almost maintenance-free ultrasonic disintegration plants from Weber Entec, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your biogas plant, and do so within a payback period of typically less than 3 years (and often much less than that!).
Profits from biogas plants are reduced by increasing substrate and operating costs, while feed-in tariffs at best stay the same – and this can frequently threaten the operator’s existence. In the medium term, almost every biogas plant will have to perform substrate preparation of some description. In this case, the ultrasonic disintegration plant technology from Weber Entec is recommended as a particularly cost and performance effective repowering measure.

Opening up the cell-structure accelerates the biology significantly. This is equivalent to a “virtual increase in fermenter size”. The logical consequence is optimised substrate exploitation which results in a significant substrate saving for the same biogas yield. In addition, the methane content of the biogas increases by typically one to three percentage points.

The physical working principle of ultrasound is the cavitation effect. You will find a detailed description of the process under “Ultrasound and Cavitation”.


Another effect of the ultrasonic disintegration is to improve the viscosity of the substrate.
In this video, the direct comparison of flow properties between untreated and treated substrate is shown after the initial startup of the ultrasound disintegration plant. Both samples are identical (substrate, temperature, etc). The only difference is the sonication.


Find out about the options for increasing efficiency by using ultrasound to suit your individual requirements, and get a calculation of an efficiency balance by entering some key data for your biogas plant.